How To Pass A Cotton Swab Test

The best way of passing a swab drug test is just avoiding consuming the cannabis. To most addicts this act seems to be a very challenging than getting into the drugs abuse itself, scientist and more, so doctors have come up with different methods of passing this test without necessarily quitting the drug consumption. Dank Ninja has some great information on this

Ice chewing moments to drug test
Before a swab test, one can eat ice, it helps to keep the mouth rinsed from an the contents of the drugs in the body, making it stay fresh from the tested drug. This ensure that the chemicals in the mouth are washed out and then digested into the body. Preferably one can also drink a lot of water and spits it out to remove the chemicals from the mouth.

Sucking mints
Before the swab drug test, one can suck most preferably Altoids mints to make the mouth masked off from the chemicals. Altoids mints are sucked moments to the swab test.Mint will always ensure any of swab test is negative or positive.

Consumption of fat content meals
Consumption of fat content meals helps efficient digestion of the drug chemicals into the digestive system. Meals before a swab test ensure the chemicals in the mouth are wiped out They are digested into the body. Highly fat content foods can also be very much important if consumed each moment after consuming the drugs not just before moments to the swab test. This will always keep you highly prepared for any swab test.

Avoid consumption of muffins
Biscuits or muffins contain poppy seeds, and this can usually cause the swab test to prove you guilty by showing a positive result and no one wants this to happen to his/herself, through poppy, opium can be made and this will bring a positive outcome to any swab test.Muffins are highly made from opium and this actually is one of the stimulants considered as drug by most physicians.

Avoid consuming the drugs
Swab test are usually meant to test an individual's saliva to prove if the individual is actually in drugs or not To avoid this, one can make sure 24-72 hours to the test she/he totally avoids drugs. One can avoid consuming the drugs more than 72 hours depending on how strong the drugs are and how long they take to stimulate the body or how long the drugs effects stays in the immune system.

Ignore laboratory recommendations
Lab instructions before swab test may ask you to avoid ingesting particular foods. This is ignored because you may just be getting yourself into trouble by following these instructions and prove them that you are actually guilty. Clean your mouth, use simple methods like washing your mouth frequently and by gargling or even flossing.

These suggestions are helpful in passing swab test but not the best way of doing it A safe way of passing any drug test not just swab test is always avoid taking the drugs itself. Or just simply avoid it taking the drugs.